[Video] ‘Tak Smpat Smbut Hari Lahir ..’ Pmergian Rahimi Satu KehiIangan Besar- Bapa.

Shah Alam: “The passing of Arwh is a big loss for us because he helped his family a lot and never thought about money,” said Rolex Shapiai.

Rolex, 53, is the father of Muhamad Rahimi Rolex, 27, who died in an accident at Kilometer 8.3 of the North-South Central Link (Elite) Highway here last night.

Besides, Muhamad Rahimi, a mother and her eight children who were riding in a Proton Wira were also killed in the incident, believed to have been trapped under a trailer.

Meanwhile, four victims were injured and three others did not suffer any injuries.

Rolex, who lives in Sungai Rasau, Section 16, here, said he received a call from the fire department at about 12.30 last night and was shocked to hear the news because he had met Muhamad Rahimi before his eldest son left the house.

“The last time I met Arwh was at about 9.30pm when he was at home.

“Arwh had just left work at that time and we had a chat for a while before he left,” he said, wanting to meet a friend.

“Usually, he comes home at 12 pm but not last night. So, I tried to contact him but I was not happy when the firefighters who picked up the call before telling my son may have died,” he said when met near the nggu menu room at the Medical Unit, Shah Alam Hospital, here.

Even more impressive is the Rolex when Muhamad Rahimi passes away on the eve of his birthday celebration, next Wednesday.

“Follow me, I do have a plan to take him to eat in conjunction with his birthday.

“It has become my habit every time I celebrate the anniversary of his birth and that of other children, but that wish was not fulfilled this time,” he said.

Meanwhile, the victim’s younger sister, Nur Faqihah Umirah Rolex, 16, was also saddened by the departure of Muhamad Rahimi because she was close to her eldest brother.

“We were all asleep but we woke up after my father went to Jute and told my brother to die after being involved in the accident.

“My mother wanted to go to the scene but the road was closed so we continued here (F0rensik Unit).

“I met my brother for the last time when he was at home and last night he was not well. Emak asked my brother to eat u.bat and he said he wanted to eat when he returned home, ”he said.


Salam tkziah. al Fatihah

Source: hm via dbongkar

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